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How it Works

What's included in your Amazon store package?

1) 24/7 customer service

2) Complete Onboarding process done for you

3) Dedicated store manager

We create and manage Amazon drop shipping stores with our expert team using over 5 years of Amazon experience to scale your store so you can make passive income with no work. No experience necessary.

We currently have over 150 stores and a team of over 350 people solely dedicated to our clients and their stores.

Amazon currently does roughly $400 million a day in sales and 52% of that is from third party sellers like us. Owning an Amazon drop shipping store with NXTLVL Services puts you at the forefront of making passive income with the least amount of work possible- 100% hands free.

We are committed to full transparency in every aspect of the business. Before signing up you will have the opportunity to review current store performance for multiple stores – both over short-term and longer-term time horizons.

Service Fees: Book a Zoom call for a complete breakdown of start up fees.

Order Fulfillment: You’ll need to allocate a credit card with available credit of at least $7,500 to make product purchases.

Profit Sharing: We charge 35% of your store’s Net Profit as an operation’s fee.

How it Works